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Causes of Diabetes - Irregular and unhealthy eating habits

Food can maintain or save life; it can destroy life as well. Proper food serves the purpose of medicine while improper food works as poison and causes disease.

We may take pride in calling ourselves highly civilized; but we have started to flout all the norms about the quality and quantity of food. Attracted to material pleasures, we have become slaves to our tongues. We have deleted bran from the flour; we mostly eat processed foods and refined sugar. In short, we have drifted away from mother nature, thereby initiating a rise in the incidence of diabetes. This fact is applicable to all the developing countries which have been influenced by western culture and lifestyle.

By offering chocolates, cakes and ice creams too often to our children, by giving the refrigerator a place in our homes and by attending parties every other day, we in fact invite obesity and diabetes.
for the origin of diabetes, excessive food is as much to be blamed as improper (i.e., refined and processed) food. The body has to produce more digestive juices and insulin to digest excessive food. Under the pressure of such excessive work-load, the pancreas gland weakens and ultimately breaks down, leading to diabetes.

Many a renowned researcher holds the belief that a deficiency of vitamin B6(pyridoxine) in our diet may also be a cause of diabetes. Lack of Vitamin B causes the transformation of tryptophane (an amino-acid present in our diet) into xanthurenic acid which harms the beta cells of the pancreas to cause diabetes.

Consumption of food containing excessive animal proteins, saturated fats and calories also stimulates the production of xanthurenic acid inside the body. A similar effect is produced by the penicillin group of drugs.

Some researchers believe that diabetes arises not because of inheriting defective chromosome but because of genetically determined excessive requirement of vitamin B6 Of course, further research and investigations are called for to validate this belief.

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