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Causes of Diabetes - Other Reasons

Viral infection:

After severe viral flu, viral infection, mumps, quite a few children and grown-ups show diabetic symptoms. In some cases, anti-bodies that are the soldiers to fight any virus or aliens that enter the body, turn around and start attacking the very body cells that they are supposed to protect, like beta cells in pancreas.

Hormones :

Some hormones produced in the body have an action opposite to that of insulin, i.e., they increase the amount of glucose in the blood. Such hormones include glucagon, cortisone, growth hormone, adrenaline and thyroxine. If the secretion of these hormones is excessive, the effectiveness of efficiency of insulin decreases and blood glucose level rises.

Side Effects of Certain Drugs:

Long-term use of certain drugs like cortisone (used for asthma, respiratory diseases, arthritis and skin-diseases), contraceptive pills and thyroid group of drugs can also produce diabetes by harming the pancreas.

Psychological factors :

Acute emotional upset, shock or mental stress may unmask latent diabetes. However, this factor plays a greater role in enhancing established diabetes than in actually causing this disease.

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