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Diabetes Urine Test - Benedict's Test

This is a very simple and effective method of ascertaining the presence or the amount of glucose in the urine and can be done by the diabetic himself.

Apparatus :
Benedict's  solution   (fresh;  certainly   not   more  than 3 months old),
Test-tube holder.

Take 5 ml (one teaspoon) of Benedict's solution in the test-tube.
Holding the test-tube with the holder, heat it over a spirit lamp till the Benedict's Solution boils without overflowing.
Drop 8 to 10 drops of urine into the boiling Benedict's solution.
After again boiling the mixture, let it cool down.
While cooling, the mixture changes colour.
The colour of the mixture serves as a guide to the amount of sugar in the urine : blue-sugar absent; green-0.5% sugar; yellow-1% sugar; orange-1.5% sugar; brick red-2 % or more sugar.

Benedicts Test

It is essential that the above test be performed two hours after a meal. In the initial stages of the disease, a diabetic does not lose sugar in his urine, when on empty stomach. Hence if the Benedict's test is performed in the fasting state, it is possible to miss the diagnosis of the disease.
Even if sugar is detected in the urine by Benedict's test, the diagnosis of diabetes should be confirmed by blood-analysis.

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