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Diabetes blood Test - Glutamate Acid Di-carboxylase (GAD) test:

A new test, the Glutamate Acid Di-carboxylase (GAD) test, can predict the onset of diabetes, especially type-I (insulin dependent) 10 years in advance. If the test shows very high anti-bodies, it means you are heading for diabetes in future. So you can take all precautions and, maybe, prevent it altogether. GAD test costs about Rs 350, but it is good to have it done every year.

If there is diabetes in your family, it's better to go for GAD test and if you are on the suspect list, you should avoid all kinds of refined sugar, ice creams, cakes, halwa, payasam and ghee. Eat plenty of greens, whole wheat, lentils, drink plenty of water (at least three litres a day) and do regular exercise. You can prevent or delay diabetes or at least delay for a fairly long time the onset of diabetes.

If any of your family members has had or has any of these problems or symptoms, like diabetic history, sudden death of someone before 45 years of age, heavy cigarette smoker, heavy drinker, heavy consumer of sweets and saturated fats, increased waist-hip ratio, beer-belly, lazy bones and feeling tired most of the time, then you must go for this test (GAD) and save yourself a lot of agony in future.

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